Scottish Rural Development Programme

Laurence Gould has an unequalled record for securing grant funding for its Scottish clients.  Over the last 10 years, using the full range of schemes available, funding has been secured for many projects. Grant awards have typically been at 40% of eligible expenditure but can be as high as 60% in specific circumstances.  Individual awards have ranged from £000’s to in excess of £1M.

These grants represent a strategic opportunity for any business to address underlying infrastructure issues for example by putting in place slurry storage where capacity is low.  They also allow businesses to expand at a much faster rate than would otherwise be possible for example where a new dairy unit is implemented.  Examples of the types of project where Laurence Gould has secured grant funding for our Scottish clients are: -

  • Potato Cold Stores
  • Livestock Accommodation Including Specialist Dairy and Pig Accommodation
  • Farm Based Tourism and Other Diversification Projects
  • Soft Fruit Facilities Including Funding for Polytunnels, New  / Improvements to Existing Packhouses
  • Factory Scale Vegetable Processing Facilities
  • Poultry Facilities
  • Distilleries
  • Slurry and FYM Storage and Spreading Solutions
  • Environmental Stewardship and Management Schemes

 Recently, these projects have mainly been funded via, the Rural Priorities Scheme (often known as the SRDP), the Food Processing, Marketing and Collaboration Grant Scheme and the Marketing Development Scheme.  

We are on the point of an exciting new range of schemes being announced which whilst expected to cover a reduced range of measures will still see considerable opportunity for those well placed to take advantage of the funding. 

 Laurence Gould has always been able to give clients effective advice regarding the most appropriate grant scheme for a particular project and looks forward to continuing to do so in the coming months when the new schemes are announced.

As with the previous schemes we expect the early birds to catch the biggest worms and we would advise any business to contact our grant funding experts now to discuss prospective projects in preparation for the new grant schemes being announced.

Currently, there is no funding available through LEADER however we are expecting an announcement soon.