Are you making the most of your resources

There are times in the lives of every business when it becomes desirable or even necessary to look closely at what you are doing in the light of changing events.

With farming margins under constant change in the new global markets, ensuring that your farming policy will meet your personal and business objectives is  essential.

A business appraisal will provide you with a complete and clear picture of your business, and the ways in which it can develop.

Our consultants have a wealth of practical experience and local knowledge so that, when the appraisal has been prepared, we can remain involved and help you put the recommendations into practice.

Things that might prompt a review include:

  • Land purchase
  • Opportunities to expand
  • Investment in new ventures which require the bank's support
  • Contract farming opportunity
  • Plans to diversify into a new business
  • Concerns over profitability
  • Cash flow pressure from the bank
  • Major external structural change
  • Death or retirement of a family member
  • Succession planning for the next generation
  • Discord between family or partners
  • Collaboration opportunities

A Business Review will generally:

  • Clarify your business and personal objectives
  • Review all the resources available to the business
  • Analysing recent performance
  • Identify the strengths & weaknesses
  • Assess the current system
  • Look at alternative options
  • Identify returns from diversification
  • Investigate opportunities for expansion
  • Give clear recommendations for the future