Peter Hall

Peter has over 25 years of experience in advising individual farming businesses on both technical and strategic business management matters.

He now provides on-going strategic farm management advice to a range of farming clients across Scotland and the North of England.

Clients range from intensive soft fruit and vegetable producers to high hill and upland units, with a considerable number of mixed beef/arable units. In addition, he runs a number of both arable and livestock contract-farming agreements for landowners. He is accredited to provide advice under the SGRPID funded Whole Farm Review Scheme and is also helping clients apply for grant funding under the SRDP.

Further to this, he has also undertaken larger scale study work for SGRPID and other such organisations and undertakes litigation and expert witness work for insurance companies and legal firms. He has also helped clients negotiate wind farm option and lease agreements and has an ongoing interest in renewable energy projects, particularly wind and biogas.