Recruitment Services

In many cases the most important decisions owners and managers make during their own careers are those relating to staff recruitment and management.

With the pressures facing the food chain it is vital to the success of any business to have high calibre staff who are well motivated.

Sourcing staff is time consuming and more importantly involves diverting managers' time away from managing the business.

Recruiting well qualified staff to your business can be a difficult exercise which is better handled by a firm specialising in recruitment for the agricultural and horticultural industry.

The source of staff available to the industry is declining as the opportunities in other sectors of commerce become relatively more attractive.

We have over 40 years experience in recruiting for the agricultural and horticultural industry. Laurence Gould Partnership operates from 5 offices throughout the UK and has the advantage of national and local knowledge of the labour market. We draw on this and our experience to bring a commercial outlook to staff recruitment and development.

We specialise in recruiting key staff for businesses. Examples include:


-Sales Managers and Staff

-Production Managers and Supervisors

-Financial Managers and Administration Staff

 In addition we offer the following:

  • we can provide a flexible and cost effective service for our clients
  • as outsiders we bring an open minded view to your recruitment process but our experience means we have a full understanding of the nature of the industry and your requirements
  • we handle the administration in an efficient and  completely confidential manner
  • we reduce the hassle involved in recruiting staff
  • you only meet a selection of high calibre candidates who are suitable for the job
  • it reduces the time required by you

 The key to our approach is flexibility. After an initial discussion we agree the best approach to the recruitment, the time scale to securing an appointment, and the most cost effective procedure.

 The most important benefit of all is in helping you to recruit the right person for your business.