Trustee / Non-Exec Positions

Laurence Gould Partnership have over 60 years experience providing Trustees and Non Executive Directors for farming related businesses. This function is provided by many members of staff to a variety of farming and associated businesses and this is a service we are uniquely able to provide across the UK.

The Company has a wealth of experience and understanding of the industry and the support that families and companies require from trusted advisors. We have many long standing clients who have been with us for untold years, which has built a close working relationship.

There are many pressures within families that an outside trusted advisor is able to provide much needed support in an informal as well as a more formal manner.


In a formal arrangement as trustees we fully understand that our role is to safeguard our clients assets for the client (grantor if living) and for the beneficiaries.

As a trustee our role and responsibilities to the client involves:

  • • Managing the trust assets as instructed in a prudent manner
  • • Treating trust beneficiaries equitably, unless otherwise advised.
  • • Keeping accurate financial information.

 Case Study

The parents asked Keith Leddington-Hill to chair a family meeting with their four daughters on the future succession planning for the farming and property business.  The eldest daughter commented that “Keith managed us very professionally and we achieved in one meeting what would have taken many without his involvement”

Non Executive

Our senior staff are employed as Non- Executives in client’s businesses. Our role is to bring objectivity and outside knowledge to the board. We are there to provide guidance and ensure good business practices are adhered to and to look after the interest of all of the stakeholders.

Our aim is to provide the most appropriate consultant for any situation. Please contact the local director in the first instance to discuss your thoughts and requirements.