Hydro electricity is the most efficient of all the renewable energies and can be feasible even without subsidy where there is sufficient fall and flow of the water resource.

Rivers or streams in upland areas may well have enough fall to make a typical ‘run of river’ project highly viable, especially where an old ‘penstock’ system simply needs re-commissioning. Therefore landowners with such watercourses running through their property should consider this form of renewable energy before any others.


HydroDisused dam and penstock with potential for re-commissioning

Lowland rivers need to have a significant flow of water to pay back the capital investment involved, but owners of old water mills should consider installing a screw turbine at the outfall of an existing ‘leat’.

Whatever the situation, Laurence Gould have the expertise to advise about the financial and regulatory feasibility, and are able to negotiate the abstraction licences required from SEPA or the Environment Agency.

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